Compositions for quintet:
Adios Nonino - DR
Contrabajíssimo - DR
Duo de Amor

4 Buenos Aires Seasons
Invierno Porteño
Otoño Porteño
- DR
Primavera Porteña
Verano Porteño
- DR        

Fugata from Silfo y Ondina - DR        
Kicho - DR
Michelangelo '70
Mumuki - DR        

Suite del Angel
Introducción al Angel - DR
Milonga del Angel - DR
Muerte del Angel - DR
Resurrección del Angel - DR

Tanguedia I - DR

Ave Maria
(Tanti Anni Prima)
Canto de Octubre Melodia en la menor
Tango Apasionada
Tango Apasionada/Oblivion
Tanguedia III

Tres Piezas
(String Orchestra & Piano) - DR

Vuelvo al sur

Arrangements: quintet and voice
Ave Maria (Tanti Anni Prima)
Balada para un loco
Balada para mi Muerte
La bicicleta blanca
Tango Apasionada/Oblivion
Vuelvo al sur
Yo soy Maria
Garold Fowler critically edited and transcribed the following compositions by Astor
Piazzolla. These works were performed on Fowler's doctoral research recital and in
performances by Tango Espejo between 2009 and 2013. When transcribing and
editing Piazzolla's compositions for quintet, Fowler only used the recordings of Astor
Piazzolla and his quintets to maintain Piazzolla's musical integrity and genius.
Compositions in the list below that are not quintet compositions were arranged by
Fowler but he still aimed to maintain Piazzolla's musical integrity by listening to
recordings of Piazzolla with his ensembles.

Fowler's guide in creating "performers editions" of Piazzolla's quintets and making
arrangements of other works by Piazzolla were Piazzolla's own words regarding
improvisation in his music. Piazzolla said in his Decalogue, "Nothing - is the fruit of
improvisation." It is also said that Piazzolla told one of his musicians to embellish "In
the style of Piazzolla."

Listed are
Piazzolla's compositions Fowler made performer editions or arrangements of:
DR indicates quintets that were performed on Fowler's doctoral research recital